My first true PC based robot was Lazlo v1.0. He sported a car sized battery, larger motors, and a full size Intel Pentium II motherboard. I never fully completed him but did get enough put together to drive around a bit on his own under PC control. I really liked the design of his chassis, but I bought a house with a shop and didn't spend time with robots for awhile. When I got back into them, I wanted to use my new shop and decided to make a whole new Lazlo from scratch, so I made Lazlo v2.0. My latest version, the one I'm activly working on at this time, is Lazlo v3.0.


The name Lazlo comes from my favorite character, Lazlo Hollyfeld, from one of my favorite movies, Real Genius, played by the actor Jon Gries. Jon played Ben's father in Lost, Ronnie in Get Shorty, Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite, and *many* other roles. Now you know. :)


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