This was the second robot in the Lazlo series that I made. After buying my first home and setting up a large shop, I wanted to build something new with my new space, so I started v2.0.

Like v1.0, I never "completed" him, but I had made much more progress on v2.0 than v1.0. He was fully running and I had client and server software I had written in Visual Basic. He streamed video & audio to a client app I had running on my desktop where I could remotly control him as long as he was in my wifi range. Basically a telepresense robot.

I had just started to program in some autonomous behaviors when I kind of lost interest in robotics for awhile (I can never stay on one hobby intensily for more than a year or two). When I got back into it a couple years later, I started a whole new one, Lazlo v3.0.

Not much other info about v2.0. I do have a few photos though…




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