A little after v2.0 of Lazlo, I wasn't happy with his design so I stopped working on him. In 2009 while at a Goodwill, my fiancé noticed a karaoke machine that looked like it would make a cool robot, and I agreed. Unfortunately, due to its shape that was so appealing, there was not enough room to fit everything I wanted in it.

After deciding how good of a chassis a karaoke machine makes, I was on the hunt and finally found a perfect one at Toys R Us and the Lazlo v3.0 project was started, and this time, I will not stop until I have a finished robot (which is a relevant term!). We will see!

As with previous versions of Lazlo, v3.0 will also be PC based and run Windows XP and be programmed in C# with .NET v3.5 or v4.0.

Due to the amount of info and photos, I've created several pages for different sections for Lazlo v3.0…

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