I ended up with the STVG-519 karaoke machine from Singing Machine. At 17.9 x 13.4 x 12.0 inches, it was the perfect size and had the look and features I wanted such as motorized CD tray (most are top loading, preventing the ability to put items on the top), screen, various buttons, speaker, and plenty of room inside.

This machine ended up being a great pick both for the outside and for the inside. The inside is spacious and modular. The entire motorized CD drive and electronics are mounted to a cage which screws to the front bezel which makes it easy to remove and work on outside the robot.

The B&W glass tube screen was mounted with screws and easily removed. The screen opening has a clear plastic cover with a painted trim which made it easy to hide the trimmed out plastic so I could mount my own color LCD screen. There is also a 2 digit LED display that also has its own mounting screws and circuit board. A few cuts of traces on the circuit board and I can interface with the LED module myself.

All the buttons are self contained with their own mounts and electrical connections without electronics so very easy to interface with. Two buttons are SPST switches (on/off), the rest are momentary tactile buttons. There are also 4 potentiometers that were for adjusting things like volume. I won't be using these as I will be putting high intensity LEDs in them for lighting the area in front of him. Lastly, there are also a few red LEDs mounted in the bezel I plan to make use of.

Karaoke Machine Gutting

Before I could use the karaoke machine for Lazlo, I had to take it apart and gut it!


Misc Progress

A few photos of Lazlo's new chassis sitting on the first version of the mobile platform I built for him.

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