It maybe a little confusing with the name of this site being (just needed a domain name and couldn't think of anything better at the moment), but Hossbotics is a robots engine I'm writing from scratch for running Lazlo. It is entirley written in C# and is currently based on .NET v3.5, although I may move to v4.0 if a good reason comes up. Work on it is *very* slow, it's just a hobby, something for fun in my spare time. :)

The app is a GUI app that displays live logging (same content is written to a file as well), monitoring of all sensors and systems, as well as a place for settings. Settings are stored in an app.config file.

I do have ideas of trying to make it generic so that it could be used on other robots and possibly even other people on their robots. But thats a long term goal that will most likely never see fruition. More likely, it might be organized well enough that someone could take the source code and use it as a starting point and customize to suit their needs.

I don't bother posting the source code now as the app is in very early stages so there is a lot of code churn, refactoring, lack of comments, hacks, etc. But if for some reason you really want it, just contact me.

And in case you are curious, here is a screen shot as of 6/1/2010…


  • Windows XP Pro SP3
  • All security patches to date installed
  • No swap file
  • Installed on C:\
  • Machine name: Lazlo
  • Remote desktop enabled
  • Disabled Services (for perf reasons)
    • Alerter
    • Computer Browser
    • Error Reporting Service
    • Fast User Switching Compatibility
    • Help and Support
    • IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
    • Indexing Service
    • IPSEC-services
    • Messenger
    • NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
    • Performance Logs and Alerts
    • Portable Media Serial Number Service
    • Printer Spool
    • QoS RSVP
    • Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
    • Remote Registry
    • Routing and Remote Access
    • Security Center
    • Smart Card
    • System Restore Service
    • Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
    • Windows Search
    • WMI Performance Adapter

3rd Party Software Installed

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