Work Log

As I work on Lazlo v3.0, I will log my work here.

3/33/2013 So, it's been awhile, but Lazlo is not dead! Just lots of other things in my life taking priority. In any case, I've been getting back to Lazlo a bit in the last month or so. I've been experimenting with a Gadgeteer board, possibly as a replacement for his Brain, or as a sub-board for handling various sensors, etc. Being able to use C# on an MCU is NICE. The board I'm experimenting with is GHI's Hydra. It's quite powerful and has 14 sockets.
6/19/2010 After much thought, I've decided to abandon the karaoke machine for Lazlo's main chassis. Looks wise its just not doing it for me. I've also not been real happy with the wood and its lack of strength. So, I've decided to build everything from scratch and will build an aluminium frame with .25 aluminum square bar and .05 inch think aluminum paneling. I've started playing around with ideas in SketchUp and so far, have a hexagonal design about 1.2 feet wide by 2 feet tall. Here's a photo of what I've cooked up so far. The one on the right is the most recent. Also modeled are the batteries and drive motor units.
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